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BF Shopping Alert: e-readers!

November 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Yes, I’ve been in a hole — my dog almost died, my other dog escaped, and I got into a car accident.  But I will try to update the shopping deals as they come.

NookOverstock has Barnes and Noble Nook WiFi + 3G eReader (Refurbished) + a filler item to put it over $100.  Then apply $15 code (149418) for a total of  $84.99 with free shipping.

Kindle: Amazon is selling a limited number of the 2nd Generation Kindle for $89 starting at 9am PST on Black Friday! This generation uses the same E-Ink technology as the current Nook.

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Kinectflix — a way to rent your fitness quest?

November 8, 2010 1 comment

I stumbled upon this website a couple days ago…  Have any of you tried it?  It’s like Netflix, where one rents out DVDs in the mail without late fees, but it’s exclusively exercise DVDs.  I have used Netflix before to preview some workouts — some of which I have then bought, and some I’ve returned very quickly — but Netflix doesn’t carry all the DVDs I want to try: specifically, Cathe Friedrich and Beachbody releases.  Well, according to the Kinectflix website, not only can you rent Cathe’s STS, you can also rent Turbofire as well.  Their selection is rather impressive, and it’s bigger than some online exercise DVD stores.  I’m not ready to plunge into another membership, though, as I have so many DVDs in my queue already, but I’m curious to see if other people in the InterTubes like the thing.  There’s a market for it, for sure!  (And I have to wonder if they’ve got all the rights to rent the DVDs, honestly…)