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Initial Impressions: PeakFit’s Pure Cardio Review

June 29, 2011 1 comment

The first real workout in the PeakFit 8 week rotation after the Fit Test is Pure Cardio.  Despite it being the first workout in the rotation, it’s actually the “second” disc in the series of the packaging (a minor complaint…not sure if it’s a function of them making up the rotation after production or just dumb mis-communication).  I had an issue when first working out to this DVD: since I was using my (LEGAL) digital copy to stream to my HDTV, there was some issue between timing of the audio and video stream. I’ve managed to fix the issue since, buy it really bugged the hell out of me during the workout.  However, I am happy to report that it was a sweaty, fun mess and a GREAT introduction to the PeakFit Challenge. Read more…


PeakFit: First Fit Test!

June 25, 2011 2 comments

Yowza!  I just did my PeakFit Fit Test before I start my 8 week rotation on the program.  This test is supposed to help you feel good to show that your accomplishments can be measured in something other than inches or pounds.  The test consists of ten cardio drills — one minute on, and one minute off — where you log in your starting number and then you compare that base number to how many reps you can do 8 weeks from now.  Honestly, it’s a bit of a misleading test because if you preview all the workouts in the program, you do all of the moves in your Fit Test during your Peaks.  Of course, if there is a move that I’ve practiced before I can do more of them.  If there is a move I’ve never done before on the PeakFit Fit Test, I’ll probably be able to do more after 8 weeks of practice.  But it’s still a nice basis to see your cardio or core capacity’s improvement.  In the test, I had done several moves before in my workout routines which I was able to push more out; the ones I did for the first time today did not have as many reps since I did spend some time going, “Um, do I put my leg here?  Am I doing this right?”  But here are the general results:

Read more…

Being an Alpha (Bitch) Leader

June 25, 2011 1 comment

For those of you who know me in real life, most of you know that my dog Evee is one of the most important things in it.  She is the first dog I’ve had as an adult, and though I love her beyond words, she has been an utter handful.  Her previous owners, acquaintances of ours, had not done a good job of socializing her with people and other dogs when she was a puppy, and we have been dealing with consequences of their bad training.  It does not help that no one is with her for 10+ hours per day recently, and let’s just say  — someone thinks she’s leader of the pack  and has an incredibly strong body, sharp teeth, and piercing claws to go with it…her ancestors are wolves, you know!

When we first got her, my husband and I tried to do our best of balancing training/discipline with having fun with being in our family.  However, a slew of bad luck which resulted in an injury made my greyhound/lab mix sort of crazy making me feel that instead of starting from square one with her, I’m starting at square -99.  Evee is smart and highly trainable but fixing bad habits has been an issue.

To give you an idea, these are the commands Evee knows Read more…

Unboxing: Peakfit Challenge!

June 24, 2011 2 comments

Due to a series of unfortunate events regarding my mail, I literally stayed home to wait for the postman to come by to pick up the package and safely throw it onto my sofa as I ran out the door, sped down the 110S, and manage to do 6 hours worth of nonstop experiments in 4 hours.  After picking up my husband for another commute through rush hour, I got to unbox my long awaited PeakFit Challenge Read more…

Stress has turned me into a giant pear.

June 22, 2011 2 comments

What a title to break the hiatus!

But it’s all true…sadly, sadly true.

So, some background: ever since puberty, I’ve been the thankful beneficiary of an hourglass figure: developed chest, a waist that goes indents, followed by a round butt.  It would probably look even better if I were half a foot taller, but I’ve been grateful that I at least had that going for me.  For the shoddy genetics random die generator cast to me, I was almost proud of these features.  It didn’t matter when I was a size 6 or a size 12 because I managed to maintain the hourglass figure (that said, it always looked better as a 6 instead of a 12).  And I think like most people, I took these gifts for granted. Read more…