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Initial Impressions: PeakFit’s Cardio Interval Burn Review

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit of a cardio addict.  I know the value of strength and flexibility training, but if I could get away with just doing intense cardio for the rest of my life, I would absofrekainglutely do it.  The Peakfit Challenge has a couple varieties of cardio workouts, but only two are focused on cardio only: Pure Cardio and Cardio Interval Burn.  The latter had first been released to the public as Peak 10: Cardio Interval burn and has been repackaged for the PeakFit Challenge.  Both workouts are actually interval workouts, but whereas Pure Cardio alternates between ascent and climb phases, Cardio Interval Burn integrates the coveted peaks for the fat blasting.  Each has their place in your workout rotation, it appears that Cardio Interval Burn is placed every Friday for the next couple weeks.  That’s a bang to end the week!!

The Breakdown.  Unlike Cardio Strength 1, your ten metabolic circuits start after a warmup.  However, the first circuit is definitely a much easier segment, I believe, with the intention of continuing on from the warmup.  Everything is very kickboxing based with plyo moves interspersed throughout the workout.   The climbs usually physically prepare you for the peak as well.  Like the rest of series, all circuits are done back to back so the entire workout entails of five cardio segments.  The peaks should seem familiar to those who completed the Fit Test, furthering the idea that you will improve upon your Fit Test after 8 weeks.  Michelle’s energy is upbeat and her personality is light and fun throughout the workout.  The entire workout comes in a little over an hour at about 65 minutes.

The Good.  The whole routine is a carefully crafted interval workout, and for cardio addicts like me, it truly fits the bill.  Because of the style of the kickboxing themed DVD, you get what you put into it.  I go deeper, jump higher, punch harder when I want to burn calories; when I need to take a small breather I maybe go a little lighter on the motions.  The choreography is rather simple, and Michelle cues decently.  Lastly, you will need to shower after this workout as you will be soaked.

The Not as Good.  The music in the entire series has been OK.  They license from same people most exercise DVDs turn to so you may hear a lot of the same tunes from other workouts in the PeakFit system.  For some reason, the music in this DVD didn’t get me as revved up as the others.  The workout truly may be too difficult for a lot people.  It’s definitely on the advanced end; intermediates will be seriously challenged (this “advanced” exerciser was huffing and puffing!).  Lastly, on the rotation sheet that came with the PeakFit Challenge system, it says on the days you do this workout you would “and/or” the Anywhere, Anytime workout as well.  I would freaking die if I did both back to back.  Michelle Dozois has confirmed that it was intended to be “or” and not “and” at all so please don’t try to do both on the same die.

Final Verdict.  I actually haven’t decided if I like this workout more than Pure Cardio!  But I do like the calorie burn more!

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